Taiyuan on the byd electric taxi, over 8000

For taiyuan citizens, blue and white pure electric taxi has become a kind of familiar scenery in the city.Since February 2016, taiyuan, in the process of the development of new energy vehicles "sweeping", gradually began to change jobs more than 8200 taxi, traditional taxi all updates for byd pure electric vehicles.Sept. 6, taiyuan has completed more than 8000 taxi more "new" work, has become the pure electric taxi ownership of the world's biggest city, also will be the first realization of the taxi all electric city!

Taiyuan on the byd electric taxi, over 8000

"Taiyuan model" into the new energy automobile marketing model

This year, the taiyuan city taxi "update", is not only a hot topic in the taiyuan people attention, also attracted the attention of the other cities.In recent months, taiyuan has both a dozen cities of experts and scholars to visit to learn.Taiyuan city development of pure electric taxis in domestic, though started late, but development is rapid.Will the taxi all replacement for pure electric vehicles, the first in the national and world.Taiyuan which is beneficial to giving full play to the advantages of advantaged coal energy in Shanxi Province, closely around the "coal - electricity - car industry chain, build urban business card of taiyuan" green traffic ", and drive the upstream and downstream industry chain and economic growth.

Taiyuan, the extent of the replacement of electric taxi, an unprecedented efforts, more than 8000 taxi all updated within months.Taiyuan city during the replacement of the original oil and gas taxi, unified the introduction of byd new energy electric vehicles, and strongly charging pile construction and form a complete set of new energy vehicles.This by the government, the new energy car companies, enterprises, such as charging pile to form resultant force for new energy promotion in the form of a taxi, become a successful example of new energy vehicles.

Taiyuan on the byd electric taxi, over 8000

To public transportation electrification to solve urban problems

For a long time, as the national important industrial city, taiyuan city manage pollution emission reduction work has always been a "top priority".Especially in the heating season, motor vehicle exhaust was the cause of air pollution in cities such as PM2.5 mainly "culprit".For effective governance pollution, improve the ecological environment, since February 2016, taiyuan grasp the opportunity to taxi concentration due to replace on stream pure electric taxis.According to introducing, the e6 all-electric taxi has the characteristics of "zero emissions, zero pollution".Depending on "with electricity generation oil", a byd e6 can save fuel 14120 litres a year (compared with fuel taxi), reduce carbon dioxide emissions 32 tons, equivalent to 320000 square meters of planting broad-leaved forest, environmental protection benefit is remarkable.

Taiyuan is also helps to solve the current predicament of coal.In 2015, according to, according to official data of taiyuan city power consumption 21.185 billion KWH, fell 4.7% year on year.And all sorts of taiyuan city taxi after replacement for pure electric vehicles, the overall population will reach more than 3000 charging piles, a day can increase nearly 600000 degrees of electricity demand, to solve the coal in Shanxi Province and promoting economic development has a positive role.

E6 quality improve the driver working satisfaction

Change of taiyuan city in recent years, the government introduced a series of electric taxi preferential policies, in the car, the e6 all-electric taxi in taiyuan after subsidised cars than the traditional fuel taxi is lower, reducing the pressure on the taxi driver car.In charging ways, taiyuan stage type charging price (basic price charge service fees to add 0.45 yuan/degree), the peak charge price is 1.2 yuan/KWH, flat peak at 0.97 yuan/KWH, reasonably reduce the taxi drivers charge cost.According to introducing, byd electric taxi can be full of electricity, two hours trip mileage of 400 kilometers, the driver using only eat charging operations such as clearance time or night time, can satisfy the operating requirements throughout the day.

Taiyuan on the byd electric taxi, over 8000

In addition, the byd electric taxi also has a higher ability to adapt to bad environment.Not long ago, the e6 in taiyuan "storm season" shows its outstanding ability of wading, maximum wading depth far supranational standard, still prevail in the more serious water section.Byd's all-electric economy and high quality of the taxi, further improve the income level of the taxi industry, promoted the taxi driver from satisfaction.