Public transport monitoring system solutions

City Bus vehicle Video Monitoring Solutions system

Bus is the most important part of urban public transport system, at present, traffic congestion, road congestion, frequent accidents and environmental pollution is haunting the world city.Because the bus operating speed is not high.

 The new capacity offset by transport efficiency decline, the service level is not high, individual residents way to travel by bus to transfer transportation, bus traffic has receded.

 it contributed to the traffic problem;Traffic core is to improve the transport efficiency, realize people's mobile, rather than moving the vehicle.Optimization of urban public transport development, improve the public transport service level, attract more passenger bus travel, is the primary ways to solve this contradiction.

How to use the scientific, modern, humanized management system, the public transport vehicle safety, schedule, make unified and effective management, ensure the safety of the public transport, is currently the entire bus system managers and even the society as a whole one of the most focus problems

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Public transport vehicles in the city's public transportation occupies a very important position in life, how to guarantee the stability of the good public traffic safety, provide bus operation management efficiency many bus companies are facing a problem.
Bus monitoring system can effectively solve the many problems of public traffic safety:
1, all things can be a complete record car, to ensure the safety of passengers and prevent the passenger disputes;
2, can supervise all four driving behavior, regulating the driving safety, to establish a good image company;
3, able to record vehicle (computer road conditions and traffic information, avoid disputes which occurred after the traffic accident responsibility;

4, integrated bus stops system, bus stops and the video monitoring of fusion;
5, traffic statistics based on video images, accurate records vehicle traffic information;
6, 3 g/WIFI network, which can realize remote monitoring, image capture, video downloads, etc.;
7, GPS positioning function, at any time to track and record vehicle location;
8, time/upload alarm information to help managers understand the vehicle status at any time and emergencies;
9, professional operation scheduling management platform, which can realize vehicle monitoring system, dispatching management, ticket card data of running lines, the passenger information, site and parking lot monitor system modules such as centralized management;

System struct:

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3G,4G Intelligent vidoe solution characterisitics:

Professional vehicles Cameras request:

1) Rear view camera,back door monitoring camera,fore sight camera;Front door Monitoring camera,This will help passangers to ensure 

2)Alarm button for passengers

Multi-channel alarm devices are appplied for the emergencey condition,alarm triggered information eighter from the driver or passenger can be recordered together

3)GPS Bus voice stop Device

The Gps bus stop announcement device can help driver to achive the  two-way communications to the monitoring center,plus,Bus stop

4)G-sensor Funtion

The G-sensor acceleration transdecer direct viewing bus instant speed ,speed variation and driving condition ect

5)3G/4G System

1. The monitoring system can manage 100000 vehicles.

2. Complete vehicle information management system.

3. Rapid vehicles positioning ,tracking , GPS information, vehicle real-time status 3: 3:display,vehicles

online state and the number of statistics.

4. Vehicle alarm information statistical functions.

5. Vehciles Messages distributed function.

6. Real-time audio and video surveillance.

7. Real-time vehicle front-end image capture function.

8. Two-way voice intercom,vehicles boroadcast function.

9. PTZ control function.

10. Vehicle history tracking playback function.

11. Remote video search, download and playback function.

12. Increased vehicle report forms introductions.

13. Support he iPhone and Android, iPad, mobile terminal for vehicle monitoring, etc.

6)WIFI funtion

Wifi,and wireless 3g,CMS software and service from ISP,Bus scheduling and management center is able to achieve the remote monitor and control to the buses.Convenience and Flexible application is available when the Wlan application is chosen .

Hunge Software platform :

7)GPS funtion

There are google map or mapinfo available.our CMS software and gps satellites together,bus information management funtion can be implemented,with the monitoring devices,the linkage between the gps devices on the bus side and the CMS software on the monitoring station, the integrated remote monitoring,scheduling and management systems is established .


Vehicle monitoring system is a set of comprehensive vehicles surveillance system,which is specially,designed for video surveillance network and intelligent scheduling.Through this platform, It can achieve,100000 vehicles monitoring and scheduling,It mainly includes four functions like the remote management,video transmission, operation service,information query.We can also do custom-developed new funtion or modeles integrated according to to the customers demand.Our 3G vehicles surveillance platform can realize 3 g wireless remote real-time video monitoring, GPS,map location, history ,remote other functions.,vehicles message issued, vehicle statistics (speed, oil, etc.), the user authority and management, anddownload video, remote video playback, vehicles Regional management, vehicle remote upgrade,tracking,electronic fence, voice intercom and alarm linkage, remote video storage.