Freight vehicle monitoring system solutions

Real-time dynamic monitoring of vehicles, personnel, environment and hazardous chemicals status in the whole process of transportation; providing decision support for running line planning, resource allocation and economic analysis; helping enterprises to dynamically monitor dangerous goods vehicles , To make up for loopholes in management; by driving records of data analysis, promptly before the accident to promote the development of alarm, security; accident, help to quickly and accurately locate the cause of the accident.

Industry foreword

Safety of Freight Car

Trucks in remote areas if robbery, theft and other emergencies, the driver once unable to get in touch with the outside world, will face a very dangerous situation, after the investigation and evidence collection is also very difficult.

Problems of Freight Driver Supervision

The uneven quality of freight drivers, some employees stealing oil stealing goods outside the case of private reselling has occurred, to the shipping company caused great losses.

Freight Car Video Monitoring

Most of the freight vehicle monitoring system on the car only GPS positioning function, in the event of unexpected conditions, can not be quickly extracted surveillance video locking suspects.

plan description

The program adopts mobile video surveillance technology, 3G wireless communication transmission technology, harsh environment large capacity data storage technology, GPS vehicle tracking technology, hybrid network transmission technology, GIS visualization operation technology, forming a set of all supervised vehicles for accurate monitoring integrated monitoring and management platform.

On the one hand, the integrated monitoring and management platform collects real-time video information of all the vehicles. It provides timely and accurate evidence of improper profit-making activities or passive sabotage, and collects evidence and disposes of relevant personnel. It provides visual basis for logistics vehicle command and dispatching decision- Low-cost operation of the scientific and technological content; the other hand, collecting all the vehicle transport information through statistical, analytical and inductive and other scientific means for the relevant business management system to provide scientific and rational data resources to facilitate the relevant departments to provide improved business.